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Sind die Knöpfe spitz?

Ein Erfahrungsbericht über das Leben mit meinem herzkranken, autistischen Kind.

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Donnerstag der 21. Dezember 2023

Are the buttons spiky?

A testimonial about life with my disabled child born with heart disease and autism.

Why do we have translated this book?

Cause God speaks to us: „Tell everyone about me, and use your son to show others who I am. Through your story, people will invited to know me and to have an incomparable relationship with me. Because I want to give everyone new life, just as I gave you. I will be with you and around you and my love is unconditional. So stay in my love, and don’t forget my promise, I will be with you. I will never leave you; I will never abandon you!“

In reviewing my life it became clear to me that I – even in the worst phases – can be led by God’s hand. He will never let me down, rain is followed by sunshine. For me as a person, who once was deeply unhappy, full of pain and in the darkness, it is now like a miracle that I experienced joy every day which comes by being focused on my Lord Jesus Christ.

Difficult times are behind us and unfortunately still ahead of us, because Dennis can die any given day. Nevertheless we are happy for each day, which Dennis is able to experience happily and we can still answer his question „Are the buttons spiky?“

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