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What means prayer for us?


„Being a christian without praying is as impossible as being alive without breathing.“ (Martin Luther)

For us, prayer is just talking with our heavenly father. It offers the possibility, to pass over the burdens of our hearts, to talk about the beautiful things. But also let go our sorrows, give them to Jesus and to receive answers to our questions. This is one of the greatest privileges that has ever been given to mankind! ….






YOU are important to God – WE PRAY 4 YOU!


wepray4youWe are important to God every moment of the day. He is only ever a prayer away. We can come to him, as his children, at any time with what pleases, saddens or moves us.

„The Lord is ready to help all those who call out to him. He helps those who really mean it when they call out to him.“ (Psalm 145,18)

We have already experienced this and we want to share this precious privilege with YOU. Use the Contact button to tell us what is on your mind (anonymous is also OK) and