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Der Name ist Programm: während unserer regelmäßigen Besuchs-Fahrten von Hessen über Rheinland-Pfalz zu unserem mehrfachbehinderten Sohn Dennis ins Saarland, kommen wir an diversen Orten und zahlreichen Plätzen vorbei. Diese Möglichkeit möchten wir nutzen, anderen Menschen etwas von Gottes großer Liebe weiterzugeben, die wir selber jeden Tag aufs Neue erfahren. Und genau deshalb bieten wir an diversen Stellen Gebet an.







The reason why we pray


1. Thessalonians 5, 17We want to let others know about God’s great love which we experience every day. This is why we want to offer prayer all over the place. Whether it is when shopping with our severly disabled son, just in front of the home where he lives, in the ramblers’ car park or on holiday – whereever we are with our PRAYER PATROL, people can take up our offer,

Use the Contact button to tell us what is on your mind (anonymous is also OK) and  WE PRAY 4 YOU!

What means prayer for us?

„Being a christian without praying is as impossible as being alive without breathing.“ (Martin Luther)

For us, prayer is just talking with our heavenly father. It offers the possibility, to pass over the burdens of our hearts, to talk about the beautiful things but also let go our sorrows and give them to Jesus and to receive answers to our questions. This is one of the greatest privileges that has ever been given to mankind!

When we pray we desist from our pride and confess being dependent on God’s supply and care. It is a „place“ where we can understand better his love for us and where we can grow with his plans trusting and understanding.

Matthew 11,28A great deal to much prayer is understood as a procedure which we can only follow if we are on our own having excluded the rest of the world. A thought adressed to God is a silent prayer, isn’t it?

Prayer simply means communication with God.

God hasn’t made prayer a complicate procedure. If we want to pray we needn’t learn difficult words. We needn’t assume a special posture.

We can pray when driving, walking, doing the chores or dealing with other things. When praying we can praise God and we can worship him for all the goodness he has done for us and for who he is. We can sing a song or just tell him how much we love him and how happy we are. We can have prayer time for two hours or we just feel his presence all day long.

It is our personal time with God and we think that an important fact about pray is that it is really expressed from the heart and that we are honest towards our heavenly father. He already knows everything about us.

James 4,8For frequency there does not exist any rule. Of course, God wants us to use prayer as steady part of our day. But prayer as a personal talk with God first of all shall be a pleasure and help. We ourselves have experienced how good it is to stay connected with God all day long.

We have a loving father too willing to bless his children with precious gifts. It is not that prayer is a way to force God to fulfil our selfish wishes. God can answer a prayer with „No“ or decide that it isn’t the right time yet to give us what we prayed for. Time of prayer is a time of dedication as well and we give our ideas and thoughts and plan zu God and receive his in return.

No matter if our prayers are answered or not to us it is important that God is by our side listening at any time.

Why we pray for strangers

Our prayers for our friends and families often rise up from our egoistiv heart because we want them to be happy so that we can be happy, too. Praying for strangers is different. Prayers for strangers come without any personal intent just given from one soul to the other.

Colossians 4,2„Our prayer must not be self-centered. It must arise not only because we feel our own need as a burden we must lay upon God, but also because we are so bound up in love for our fellow men that we feel their need as acutely as our own. To make intercession for men is the most powerful and practical way in which we can express our love for them.“ (Johannes Calvin)

In our opinion there aren’t right or wrong people to be in need for prayer. Everyone needs prayer – no matter if they are friends, family members or strangers. Our old and beautiful but tired and worn world is full of souls longing for prayer.

We trust that prayers spoken by people in this big world are meaningful and can make a difference. Whenever several people – everyone in accordance to personal schedules and gifts – hand over the baton of prayer and action and we support each other with prayer it is realistic that many circumstances can change for the better. And sometimes a three minute prayer spoken with passion is better than spending a whole life with lukewarm prayers.

„Our prayers must mean something to us if they are to mean anything to God.“ (Maltbie Babcock)