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„Sind die Knöpfe spitz?“

Ein Erfahrungsbericht über das Leben mit meinem herzkranken, autistischen Kind


„Die Autorin beschreibt die besondere, sensible Wahrnehmung der Außenwelt ihres Sohnes authentisch. So authentisch, dass ich mich, selbst vom Asperger-Syndrom betroffen, in vielen Episoden an meine Kindheit und teils immer noch an meine Jetztzeit erinnert fühlte. Es schien zeitweise, ich blickte nicht nur auf eine Buchseite – sondern auch in einen Spiegel …“

Rolf Piotrowski, Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie / Buchautor, Würselen

Taschenbuch “Sind die Knöpfe spitz?”, 332 Seiten, € 28,90 im Selbstverlag, HIER bestellen






Prayer Patrol USA


The bottom line of our prayer patrol mission journey summer 2019 at the Westcoast:

Even though we had a lot of challenges and barriers with our SARAYU RV and always new problems coming up, we felt Gods presence every day again and very extreme.

The spirit of our father was present every day with guidance, promptings and answers about our prayers.



Without all these problems and challenges we haven’t met all these people.

And we would not had all these possibilities to tell them about Jesus and to pray such a lot prayers. 

We are very thankful to serve the people and sometimes be a blessing in their life’s. And we want to seed some seeds and we pray that there will be fruits after time.



We feel blessed to do this and to have Jesus at our site every single day! He is our shepherd.

And all our praise is for the Lord, for his protecting and his care taking for our son Dennis.


If you want to see a short movie, about what we experienced in the US, click HERE for YouTube